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Chillchilla aka Chill Bill
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

~♥Welcome to my DA page where I post my drawings and other shenanigans. I'm a total introverted nerd who's a nut for chinchillas♥~

✪If you have✪
☑ Favorited a drawing of mine
☑ Added me to your DA watch
☑ Generously gave me a llama or any other badge
☑ Kindly took time to comment on my art
☑ Done anything kind to me

Then thank you very much! Doing the listed things above gives me motivation to keep drawing and I appreciate it! If I don't reply to these acts of kindness then I apologize. I truly do appreciate the time you took to look at my work and admire it. : ) If I favorited a drawing of yours or watched you then you're very welcome! No need to say thank you, you posting art that I admire is enough of a thank you. : )

Gift Art
A way I like to show appreciation for other artists is by giving gift art. I usually have a hard time talking to people, an easy way for me to express myself is through something visual. If I draw you gift art then please do not feel pressured to draw something for me back. Same goes vice versa. If you draw me something as a gift please don't expect something back (not being mean I just may not have time). Whenever I do gift art it's because I genuinely enjoy your creations and WANT to draw them!

About me
I'm a digital artist trying to get out of her shell and improve as much as I can! I'm a total perfectionist so it usually takes a long time to get stuff out so I apologize in advanced if i'm a slow up-loader. I own 2 chinchillas, Pixie (Standard Gray; super mischievous) and Digit (Mosaic; sassy baby) and a dachshund named Harley, they're my babies < 3 Art is currently my full time thing besides my tiny side jobs. I'm very quiet and get anxious when talking to people so I apologize if I don't seem talkative (especially if i'm super busy). I do try to engage in conversations though so please don't feel discouraged trying to talk to this Hermit Crab. ;3 After you get to know me i'm quite talkative and very sarcastic (also a little crap head sometimes). I may also take a long time to reply to comments. That's cause I usually don't know how to express myself normally when talking to people which usually makes me nervous. : / I try tho so please be patient with me!
And sorry if I favorite your entire gallery without posting a single comment, just know that if I do i love your work ;w;

My inspiration/ reason i'm drawing again~


Buy Me a Coffee at
•7 random facts about me that I don't normally tell people•
Then tag 7 people.

1.  I like listening to rap that require Parental Advisory stamps on em' ; )

2.  I'm a huge smart ass/ can be a potty mouth at times. I censor myself a lot for the sake of others. I kinda feel that makes me a little fake but the more i'm comfortable with you the more open about it i am.

3.  I suffer from anxiety and depression but I try my best to beat it cause it sucks big time and i'd be damned if I let it win. >: ( Plus I have ppl i care about and don't like them worrying about things like that so i vent in healthy waves. Like art wise or verbally. Art is typically the first! lol that reminds me of when I used to draw myself like a potato. Now I draw myself like a decent human being ; P Oh and my chinchillas help a lot, bless them <3

4.  I have slight dyslexia that sometimes affects my spelling, speech, and reading embarrassingly. Sometimes it causes funny situations for me. In a way it spices up my life, I guess.

5.  I had a huge crush on Optimus Prime as a kid. Who wouldn't tho? He's a cool robot and you get free rides. It's a win win situation 

6.  I'd smooch a skeleton... 
 and i have a crush on Gaster.  Congratulations, you'll prob never see me say that again... maybe...

7.  If I could learn to rp better I totally would (I used to rp in Wow but stopped cause i was slow replying lol). Like both internet rp/ real life rp. I'm a huge nerd like that but i'm too shy to tell others that. I'd like to do at least one DnD night with my friends. What a wild ride that would be : D

Time to tag others for the first time in my life. 
If you've already done this tag don't worry about it, just ignore it. No hard feelings don't worry!
Tomaroo The-NoiseMaker Bunnymuse Flotts StealthNerd Skybroad 
Alright, thats everyone i'm comfortable tagging/ i think haven't done this yet uwu Have fun!
  • Listening to: Outer limits recordings Julie
  • Playing: Wow and Skyrim
  • Eating: Pea soup
  • Drinking: water


Streaming tonight at 6pm Pacific time!!!

Idk if i’ll draw or play a game tonight but i’m going to be streaming tonight since i’m feeling really social today.

Don’t forget OBS gives me a hard time so you might have to refresh the feed every once and awhile if it freezes. 


Heres a doodle i did since i just got over being sick. Sorry for being quiet about it D :…

Just bought Pokemon Sun today!! :' D I'm so excited! I haven't played Pokemon since Diamond came out and seeing how cool it looks now is awesome!
Also got the demo since you get a Greninja for the main game if u do. I was trying to not play the demo so i wouldn't spoil anything for myself and i regret not playing it sooner lol I love everything so far!!!

even if they are the bad guys...

Man I haven't been this hyped for Pokemon or a game in a long time lol

Everyone pls watch this adorable animation ;w; it'll make u happy I swear
Okay SO, i'll be live streaming at 6pm pacific time tonight!
I won't be drawing tho like I thought I would but instead playing Wow with my good friend Tomaroo! : D I've been dying to play wow with her again so why not? Pls I need to chill uwu.
So come over to my twitch at 6! I'm hoping Twitch won't jack up my live stream this time...…


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cmoontoon Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Judge cheeb! by cmoontoon
finished your cheeb!! i hope you like it!! ;u;
BlitzingBullet Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you again, this is so beautiful and exactly what I needed today! Seeing this makes my heart all warm and fuzzy <3
cmoontoon Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
;u; <3<3<3
StealthNerd Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry I'm late to the party but happy birthday! Hope you had a great day <3
BlitzingBullet Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
No worries dude! I had an awesome time yesterday, got to eat a ton of cake lol Thank you for the cake badge <3
The-NoiseMaker Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eyyy Happy Birthday!!!
BlitzingBullet Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! and tyvm for the points! :'D
Skybroad Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday Chill Bill :D
BlitzingBullet Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Student Digital Artist
lol thanks dude I appreciate it : D
Still can't get over that name I love it <3
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